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Friday, January 27, 2012

Kodak Moments

First let me say how saddened I am about the current state of Kodak.  They are a true American icon and I hope they can reorganize and get back to the top of their game soon.

That said, Sunday I went out to the shop as I usually do on Sunday afternoon, and I noticed a plethora of old cameras in various dealer's spaces so I rounded them all up and photographed them so I could share them with you.  What is it about old cameras?  Do they remind us of the happy times in our lives?  There is truly something nostalgic about them and I can never not buy an old Brownie or any other kind of camera I come across.  Below are some exceptional old cameras.
 The old Kodak display piece is a great advertising piece even though it is weathered and worn.  The camera on the left is exceptional.  It is really an oldie but a goodie.   Sad to say, it is not my camera (because it would not be in the shop, it would be at my home!)  It's definitely a keeper.
 This thing weighs a ton.  I had to get up on the ladder and add the other cameras around it to do the photographing.
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1 comment:

Bliss said...

I *heart* old cameras. I had a little black box camera that my mom got rid of when she moved (along with a million other things I of course would of saved). My dad taught me the love of photography, so for me those old cameras give me the warm fuzzies.