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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chippy Little Jewely Cabinet

This project could easily be called the project from @!#&.  If anything could go wrong, it did.  Last week I did a tutorial extolling the virtues of TAP, otherwise, known as Transfer Artist Paper.  I love how it transforms my plain towels into a work of art, and somewhere along the way, I know I read that you could use it on furniture and glass.  As much as I love TAP, I do not advise using it on furniture.  I found a dated 80's jewelry cabinet with an oak finish.  I painted it with my Annie Sloan Old White.  It was really thick so I thinned it down with water.  I thinned it too much and I didn't get good coverage on the second coat.
Oh well, I was going to sand it back anyway.  Then I copied an image from the Graphics Fairy onto my TAP paper and attempted to do a transfer onto my wood.  I should have stopped after the first transfer, but I was convinced I would get the technique down pat.  After all, I'm convinced I read somewhere it could be done.  The image bubbled and crystallized and smeared and pretty much frustrated the heck out of me, but I persevered until I got the whole thing done.
Now I'm asking myself why I just didn't switch to a wax paper transfer method, but I'm stubborn like that.
It's really not that difficult to paint these little cabinets.  The first coat takes a little patience.
You can see how bad my transfer bubbled and yellowed.  Oh yes, it yellowed.
The long and short of it is I won't lose money on this piece but I sure won't make anything on it either.  I also believe in sharing my successes and my failures and this was a major flop.  Thanks for looking anyway, and stick to designing beautiful towels and fabric items with your TAP and leave the furniture transfers to other tried and true methods.

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