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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Clock Face Table Parisian Style

This table turned out fabulous.  I can say that because it was done by a fellow dealer.   I wish I could constantly churn out great projects every day, but with a full time job, sharing what other talented people have done brings me great joy and showcases their talents as well as mine.  Debbie downloaded this image from the internet.  She took it to Kinko's and had it blown up.  Then she decopaged it to the table top and covered it with a piece of glass.  Now the image was not a perfect fit so she outlined the edge of the table with black which I think shows off the image beautifully.  Magnifique!

Sorry about the glare.  It's those pesky lights in the shop.  Well, we do want people to be able to see what they are buying so we do leave the lights on for them.
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Bliss said...

That's cute. I didn't know Kinkos can blow things up so huge. That would sure eliminate having to have a steady hand to paint freehand.


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...


That is absolutely fabulous, how truly clever of that friend! WOW!

Really well done, congrats her from me for sure!

Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

Beth said...

This turned out amazing!! Love the graphic and how the whole thing turned out.

Anonymous said...

This is fabulous! I love it! What a great idea to decoupage it on the table! Awesome!

Barbara Jean said...

Awesome piece!!
Thanks for sharing it.

barbara jean

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful! Great idea to outline the outer area in black ~ it frames it nicely!

Visiting from WUW! : )

Pamela said...

Fabulous piece!!

Sommer said...

I have wanted to make one of these for a long time now! How beautiful!

Sandi said...

I LOVE IT! Stunning!

Heaven's Walk said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Love this piece!!! :)

xoxo laurie

Howsewears said...

This is fab! I know what you mean. I had to start a business because I had to have some way to sell all of the furniture I was painting! Ha! Feel free to check out my blog. I have a few pieces of my furniture on it.
Fondly, Tami

Charlotte Wilson said...

Hi Miss Maggie,
I love this table. And don't get discouraged because of your time schedule. At some point you will just have such a passion that you will make time for it.
You could do it in steps. :o)

All the best,


Sue said...

Love the table! Can the source for the graphic be shared? :-) Sue

Lorraine said...

Love that....great idea for a round table!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I love it! She did a great job!!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I love it! She did a great job!!