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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bon Appetit Tray

My inspiration for this tray came from something I found on a link party.  I apologize that I did not make a note of the blogger's name so if you happen to spot this post, please email me and I will amend the post to include your name.  I always give credit when credit is due.  The other project was not a tray, but I loved the red background and the white lettering.  This was the matching tray to my Paris letter box I previously posted.  I really didn't plan on making this a shabby tray, but the paint lifted off when I removed the painter's tape that I used to keep my lettering straight.  Soooo because of that, I just went with the flow and sanded and chipped it up some more.  I like the end result.  This is a very casual, relaxed feel and I'm all about that.
The tray was pale green before with little flowers painted all over it.  Quite nice, but a little outdated.
Now it has a totally new look and is ready for action.  I sealed it with Valspar clear spray in a flat finish.  As you can see, the paint chipped quite a bit more when I sanded it back, but now that it is sealed, it is good to go.

In case you are wondering who my friends are in the background, that is Jack and Jill.  I adopted these adorable cement puppies from a yard sale.  I brought them home and they have been my faithful watch dogs ever since.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Updated French Buffet

You probably recognize this from a post I did this week on Aubergine Emporium.  Today it is getting it's very own post since I wanted it to attend Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Friday link party.  This piece, although beautiful, was very formal and needed some repair.  It had heavy gold metal trim and was a natural wood piece.  The detailing on the piece is incredible and very French.  As I said before, I think it would be wonderful in a powder room with a raised basin.  The antiqued glaze really brings out the detail.  Now it's fit for a queen.  I have to admit, when I find pieces like this, I can certainly appreciate their beauty, however, they are a bit stiff and formal for my decorating style.  I also would totally shy away from a piece like this if there was any damage to the metal trim.  Certainly painting the entire piece a uniform color, disguises any imperfections very well and now it adds even more character. 
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter at Aubergine Emporium Part II

This is part two of a post about the wonderful shop that I am a dealer in.  It's called Aubergine Emporium.  We are located in Simi Valley, California.  It's a wonderful store full of new and old, re-invented and re-purposed.  This little buffet below was one of those inlaid wooden pieces with the heavy gold gilt on it.  It was painted and glazed and now has a totally different look.  I think this would be fabulous in a powder room with a raised sink.  It's the perfect size.
I love this French sofa/setee.  I love anything French and this certainly fills the bill.
These dining room chairs are so unique.  They are litterally hanging at the top of the wall.  No one can say we don't use our real estate. 
All of these are adorable vintage children's clothing.  Laura did a great job displaying them.  They are out of the way and protected from too much handling, unless, of course, someone would like to purchase one and then we are more than happy to get them down.  I have never seen such a large collection in such excellent condition.
Here is another little corner nook.  I think this corner has a pub feel.  You can see in the photographs in the foreground that we support a local animal rescue society.  We are always willing to help our little four-legged friends especially when they are in need.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paris Letter Box

I have had this letter box for quite some time.  It was painted pale green and had flowers painted on it.  I thought the box was beautiful, but for some reason it did not sell so I decided to re-invent it.  For my inspiration, I used a Paris stamp kit that I purchased a long while ago.  It had some French postage stamps and some postal cancellation stamps and a French address and other cool things in it as well. 

I started off by painting the box an off white color.  I stenciled Paris on all three sides and put a monogram P at the very top.  I didn't like the stamp pad that came with the kit because it was a black pad so I dabbed a tiny bit of gray paint on the stencil and experimented with various methods to transfer the stamp to the box.  My best effort was applying the paint and blowing on the stamp to dry the paint just enough and then stamping and holding it firm in one spot.  That seemed to solve the smearing problem I started out with.

I then applied some gold Rub and Buff on the little beaded edges to give it a contrast and I did a little bit of shading on the P and the Paris stencils.  I then sanded it back and some of the paint came off and revealed the original green underneath.  Now it looks like an old letter box.

 I left the inside the pale green as it was in great shape and the color was not objectionable.  This would be a great card display or storage box for special letters and post cards.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter at Aubergine Emporium Part I

I spent the afternoon at the shop today.  All the Christmas decorations have been put away and Pat is ready for the winter look to reappear.  I love these mirrors she found.  There were five identical mirrors that were full length mirrors and they would not fit on the wall if they were placed vertically so she hung them sideways.  Don't they look great? They are wonderful above the antique buffet and add a contemporary feel to the whole look while at the same time staying warm and welcoming.  The old ladder adds a whole different design element as well.
The following photo is of a little hallway we have in the back of the store.  To add a sepia tone flavor Pat used old pattern pieces and glued them on the wall.  Surprisingly enough, if she doesn't want them up anymore, they just pull right off.  She decorated with wood furniture and white accessories.  It really is quite interesting and makes an otherwise boring space quite inviting.
I love this bench.  It's covered in a creamy silk fabric with a raised waffle pattern.
Everywhere you look at the shop there is layers and layers to see.  We always tell the customers to be sure to look up.  You never know what you're going to find.  If you are in the Simi Valley area of Southern California, please stop by Aubergine Emporium.  The shop is always changing and new items arrive daily.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Vintage Collage Graphics

I'm all messed up because of the Rose Bowl is today, January 2.  I am used to returning to work by now, having all the Christmas decorations put away and trying to last at least a week on my New Year's resolution.  I guess I will be a day behind from the start gate.  Oh well.  Today I am getting back to exercising and starting a new project to share with you hopefully by this week.  My new computer is almost ready to go to work with me this week, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  We are also painting my space at Aubergine.  I am tired of the blue and although it looks better in person than in my photos, I am ready for a change after four years.  My space is rather large so we will tackle the side walls first and come back and hit the back wall.  After that many years, my walls are looking a little machine gunned anyway.  I plan to photograph the transformation. 

I thought these two collages were kind of cute so I will leave these with you today.
 Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scamper Jack

I did not paint this sign although I would love to take credit for it.  It is a true vintage sign that one of our dealers brought into the shop at Aubergine Emporium.  I love the colors, the font and the worn look.  Isn't it great?  This is inspiring me to do a similar sign in the near future.