Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vintage Paris

It's that time again.  The Little French Flea Market is this weekend.  This is the vintage market I sell at four times a year, and this will be our second market for the year.  Our weather should be spectacular.  Here are two of my new signs that will be available.  I finished a few more, but I will have to share them later.  Didn't get them photographed yet.  
I love this Vintage Paris sign.  I painted three of them and one has already sold so I'm saving the other two for this weekend.  I found a great stash of these gorgeous metal roses.  I do say they make anything look fabulous.
My Paris Flea Market sign got a fancy drawer pull for its adornment.
It's amazing what an old cabinet door can become once it's rescued from the scrap pile
If you're in the area this weekend, please stop and see us.  It's a great little marketplace and you never know what you will find.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fleur de Lis Coffee Table

I found this darling little table while I was shopping one day.  It was maple and was in great shape, but I knew I couldn't sell it the way it was.  My husband, the master painter in our house, painted the table white just to get a base on it.

I was searching for a perfect fleur de lis image one day on the internet and I came across this one.  Love at first sight.  I found the source on Etsy and the image was only $1.  It comes digitally delivered in a mirror and regular view.  If you love it as much as I do, here is the link.  It's by Graphique.
After I got the image on the table using my favorite transfer method, reverse mod podge, I lined off my stripes with frog tape.  Use frog tape to do this, not the blue painters tape.  I have ruined so many projects with the blue tape it's not even funny.
This is a drop leaf coffee table and when open it is quite large.  Perfect for kids to play games at, and when you need just a normal size table, simply snap the leaves back down.  I love the clean crisp look of a simple black and white design.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Typograhy Covered Bulletin Board

I'm trying new things for our upcoming flea market in two weeks, and while empty frames are big sellers, these were not vintage enough for me to sell as a vintage frame.  They were originally silver and I didn't think that would sell either.
The frames got two quick coats of Old White.  I went to Joann's and found foam core board that was the exact dimension as my frames.  Then I purchased a small roll of thin cork board and some thin batting.  I love this fabric with the French graphics and typography.  It was on sale for $5 a yard in the home decor section.
I glued a layer of the cork over the foam core board and then glued a thin layer of the batting on top of that.  Then I cut the fabric and tacky glued it onto the layered pieces.  When everything was dry, I tucked it into the frame and backed it with the cardboard that was the original back piece when I found the frames.  I used heavy mailing tape to keep it attached to the frame and then I cut and glued mailing paper purchased from Walmart onto the back of each frame to hide all my previous work.
I found some pretty pearlescent stick pins in the bridal section of Joann's and I will put them in a pretty cellophane bag and sell them with the bulletin boards.
This was a fairly easy project.  Each step took very little time, but with a few steps to complete it was a work in progress for a few days.  I love the way they came out.  These are perfect for a craft room.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pretty Portable Tea Table

I found this tray table at a flea market a couple of months ago.  While the dealer was transporting it to sell it, a sharp object of some sort pierced the wicker tray and put a hole in it.  However, I still fell in love with this piece and I knew my husband could do something to salvage this sweet little table.
The before pictures are coming up, but here was the solution to my problem.  I got some quarter-inch plywood at Lowe's.  All it took was a 24x24 sheet.  My husband traced the top of the table and reduced his tracing by 1/2 an inch all the way around and then took his jigsaw and cut a new piece to insert over the damaged wicker.  The insert needed to be a little smaller than the lip of the tray.

You can see how beautiful this table is.  The details are stunning.  Once the new oval was cut, my husband spread wood glue all over one side of the new piece of wood and pressed it into the tray.  He weighted it down with heavy books to make sure he had good contact while the glue was drying.
The next day he painted the entire piece white, and although his new oval insert wasn't perfect, it all blended in nicely.
I'm thrilled with the finished product.  Now, if you like this stencil, here is the source, and if you put in the code Miss Maggie you will get 15 percent off your stencil.  This is a great offer to my readers, and just so you know, I receive nothing for promoting these stencils.  I just love to share great sources with you when I find them.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Romantic Lampshade Restyle and Fabulous Weekend Finds

I just wanted to show you this lampshade that I embellished with this gorgeous silky rose and some velvet vintage ribbon.  When I found this floor lamp, it was dark brown and the shade was a deep red.  I found a replacement shade at a yard sale the next day that fit perfectly, but it was too plain and blah after I had painted the base of the lamp with Old White.
I learned how to make this rose from Carol at The Polka Dot Closet.  I love Carol's blog and I absolutely love this rose that she did a wonderful tutorial on.  You can find the instructions to make these here.
You can see how beautiful this soft romantic lamp looks among rustic and primitive items.  I just love the look.
I also wanted to share these gorgeous signs I found at a flea market this weekend.  They are about 4 feet tall and they were movie props.  I wish I knew which movie they starred in.  Wouldn't they make great shutters?

One last thing before I leave you today.  This weekend is the monthly warehouse sale for the Little French Flea Market.  We'll be open Thursday through Sunday from 9:00 to 4:00.  If you're in the area, please come and see us.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Clock Face Table

Last week I got lucky when I was out and about and I found this wonderful round occasional table.  It was in good condition except that the finish screamed mid century and that's not my look at all.
My husband was kind enough to paint the bottom with my favorite aqua color and the top got a coat of Old White.
I scoured Pinterest for some "pinsperation" and combined several of the clocks into one design for my sweet little project.  I had the stencils, the rubber stamps, the graphics and I knew I wanted an old world feel.
I had this lion image, which I'm not even sure where I found it, but it was black and white.  I used Picasa to convert it to sepia tone and did my reverse decoupage treatment.  The rest of this table was done with various stencils.
I stenciled the Roman numerals on first and then I added the small compass numbers underneath the larger numbers.  I found in my rubber stamps this fleur de lis stamp that you see on the outer edge by the Roman numerals.
I used an inexpensive line stencil to draw the lines on the edge of the design and then used the word "Paris" and the date from some of my Maison de Stencils.
I stuck to the brown tones and a tiny bit of charcoal to keep my sepia tone going.  I cheated a little bit on the clock hands by printing out a graphic I found on Pinterest and then I just traced it onto my piece and filled it in with the brown paint.  Use pencil if you try this, not ink.
When I was happy with the look of the table top I gave it a good heavy sanding to give the whole table a worn, aged look.  Lastly, it got a clear coat to seal in the design.

I've been wanting to do a clock face table for it seems like forever. I'm so glad I gave it a try.  I love the results.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

French Quarter Silver Chest

I love transforming small little cabinets into one of a kind pieces, and this little gem was no exception.  It's almost a total tone on tone color scheme that is simple yet elegant.
It was a reproduction silver chest, probably from Bombay Company.  I painted it Old White and applied this beautiful image with my old standby transfer method of reverse decoupage.  I've had several questions on this process, but I can't respond because the people who had questions are a no-reply status.  E-mail me if you have specific questions and include your e-mail address.
I will try to answer some of the questions here. First of all, this technique works best on flat paint or chalk paint.  The images will not stick to shiny slick surfaces.  If you like a shinier finish for your finished piece, you can always go over it with a clear satin or gloss spray when your project is completed.  Second of all, I have the best luck with black and white graphics like the ones you can find on Graphics Fairy or Pinterest.  I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to black and white printable images, and you can find many images there.  Lastly, be patient.  Once your reverse decoupage is complete and your image is transferred, take light sandpaper and sand your image lightly to get off any fuzzy residue of the paper.  When this is complete, I go over the graphic with clear wax.  That brings back the crispness of the ink, and then I spray the finished product with a clear coat.  I like Deft lacquer spray the best, but Valspar makes a clear spray suitable for indoor/outdoor use as well.
I like to embellish these little pieces with a little extra detail.  I found this fabulous scroll stencil on Etsy at Wall Masque Stencil.  Isn't it fabulous?  You can use it with joint compound to make this raised plaster effect.  I have also done a tutorial on this raised plaster technique using joint compound.  Click here to see it.
Here is the image I used on my little silver chest.  It's called French Quarter, and it's a great image to use on furniture if you want to give it a Frenchy flair.  I use this reverse mod podge technique a lot.  I can give my upcycled pieces a hand painted romantic look for anywhere between 29 cents and 59 cents.  You can't beat that, and I save hours of work with a single transfer.
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