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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Faux Etched Window Tutorial

One of my best sellers when I sell at the Little French Flea Market are my faux etched windows.  They are very simple to do and although there's a lot of photos in this post, it's a quick and simple process so stay with me.  You will need Martha Stewart's Frost Etching cream available at Michael's and Joanne's.  You will also need a stencil of your choice, a mixing bowl - my mixing bowl is about a half cup custard cup - acrylic paint and a stencil brush.  Of course, you will need a window.  I get mine at the salvage yards.
I use approximately a dollop of the frost etching cream and about half as much of my acrylic paint.  That's it.  Mix it together.
Clean your window on both sides and work from the back side of your window.  Once this product dries, you can clean it with windex and a paper towel but do so gently.  Since the front of the window does not have the design on it, that can be cleaned normally.
Your stencil will be turned over because you are working from the back side of the window.  Tape your stencil in place.
I keep a paper towel handy so when I dip the stencil brush in the paint medium I can dab it off so I don't get too much paint on my brush that could run under my stencil.  It's the same principal as when you're working on walls or wood.  Now just dab the paint on your stencil.
Make sure you cover all the lettering on your stencil image.
Now rinse off your stencil in the sink so that the frosted etching cream doesn't dry on the stencil.  It's easy to get off if it's not totally dried.
For this window my stencil wasn't quite big enough to fill my window space so I needed to come back and do my corners with a second design.  Put your extra paint mixture into a zippy bag for about 20 minutes while the window dries enough to lay another stencil on the window.
Here is what I had left of my mixture after doing a whole window.  It doesn't take much.
Here is a Paris window I did last week.  The scrolly stencil is from    Wall Masque Stencils and the Paris stencil is from  Maison de Stencils.
Here is another popular stencil I use, also from Maison de Stencils.
Here is the cute little window I just finished.
This weekend I will be selling at the Little French Flea Market.  It's our first flea market of the year.  We have moved to Northridge so please note the new address.  Hope to see you there.
Thanks for stopping by.

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