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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Paris Chalkboard

This is a crazy busy time of year at work and I can't believe I didn't photograph this whole door but somehow I did not so I will just share snippets with you.

I would love to tell you this was an old door I salvaged from a fabulous flea market or salvage yard but this door is circa 1994.  The best I can do is call it "vintage Ikea."
After the Northridge earthquake when we repaired our house and did a little updating, my girls wanted Ikea furniture.  That was many moons ago and our youngest finally purchased her own place this year.  Did she take Ikea with her?  Heck no.  Coming up soon you will see another post about other things we did with her "vintage Ikea" furniture.
We demolished the TV cabinet which was ready to fall down on its own and my husband was able to save this door for me.  There were actually two, but he insisted the other one was too badly damaged to use for anything.  I wish he would have let me be the judge of that.
The pine door got painted a generic creamy white.  I added my raised plaster stencil technique which you can see here.  I also added some joint compound here and there on the door to give it a roughed up look and also to get my washy paint to give the door an aged look.
The door got a heavy sanding and a healthy wash of dark brown paint, probably raw umber or burnt umber.  Whichever one is darkest brown.  Just a wash was all it took to get in the crevices.
Next I added a little stenciling and a chalkboard finish to the top panel.  I love the way it came out.  I did manage to find another tall pantry door at the salvage yard this week and I plan to do the same treatment on it.
Here is the door with just the white paint and the raised plaster stencil before I did all the aging of it.

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