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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Button Button, Who's Got the Button

Is it just me, or does anyone else see the endless possibilities with a garland like this?  Look closer in the bottom photo of how this was done.  I spotted this in my friend Laura's space.  She always brings in true vintage and this is definitely the real deal.  This could be great for a Christmas garland in all whites or silvers or a combo.  Either way this is charming and oh so creative!
 Believe me when I say I am no hand model.  I'm always sticking my hands in things a lady would never venture into, but, after all, that's the job of a DIYer like myself and somebody has to do it.  Right?  At any rate, I wanted to get a close up of how this garland was constructed.  These are flat vintage buttons with a shank on them and the thread was just threaded through with clear small beads in between.  Now see where the buttons look two-sided or back to back?  They simply threaded one button one way and the next button the opposite way and since the buttons are flat they rested against each other.  Some buttons were doubled up and some were not.  Either way, this is a fun sweet little garland, and if I had grandchildren instead of grandkittens, I would let them try a project like this.  It's that easy.  I know my daughters read my blog and I do love my grandkittens, but seriously.
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