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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paris Letter Box

I have had this letter box for quite some time.  It was painted pale green and had flowers painted on it.  I thought the box was beautiful, but for some reason it did not sell so I decided to re-invent it.  For my inspiration, I used a Paris stamp kit that I purchased a long while ago.  It had some French postage stamps and some postal cancellation stamps and a French address and other cool things in it as well. 

I started off by painting the box an off white color.  I stenciled Paris on all three sides and put a monogram P at the very top.  I didn't like the stamp pad that came with the kit because it was a black pad so I dabbed a tiny bit of gray paint on the stencil and experimented with various methods to transfer the stamp to the box.  My best effort was applying the paint and blowing on the stamp to dry the paint just enough and then stamping and holding it firm in one spot.  That seemed to solve the smearing problem I started out with.

I then applied some gold Rub and Buff on the little beaded edges to give it a contrast and I did a little bit of shading on the P and the Paris stencils.  I then sanded it back and some of the paint came off and revealed the original green underneath.  Now it looks like an old letter box.

 I left the inside the pale green as it was in great shape and the color was not objectionable.  This would be a great card display or storage box for special letters and post cards.

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Trisha said...

It turned out fantastic and I do love the green color on the inside!


Charlotte Wilson said...

That is just so cute! I want one!