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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter at Aubergine Emporium Part II

This is part two of a post about the wonderful shop that I am a dealer in.  It's called Aubergine Emporium.  We are located in Simi Valley, California.  It's a wonderful store full of new and old, re-invented and re-purposed.  This little buffet below was one of those inlaid wooden pieces with the heavy gold gilt on it.  It was painted and glazed and now has a totally different look.  I think this would be fabulous in a powder room with a raised sink.  It's the perfect size.
I love this French sofa/setee.  I love anything French and this certainly fills the bill.
These dining room chairs are so unique.  They are litterally hanging at the top of the wall.  No one can say we don't use our real estate. 
All of these are adorable vintage children's clothing.  Laura did a great job displaying them.  They are out of the way and protected from too much handling, unless, of course, someone would like to purchase one and then we are more than happy to get them down.  I have never seen such a large collection in such excellent condition.
Here is another little corner nook.  I think this corner has a pub feel.  You can see in the photographs in the foreground that we support a local animal rescue society.  We are always willing to help our little four-legged friends especially when they are in need.

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