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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Pot Holders

A friend of mine was cleaning out her vintage linen collection and passed these on to me.  I soaked them in Biz for several days and then washed them on a hand wash cycle in a lingerie bag .  They came out unscathed and practically like new.  I think they are wonderful.  Can you believe the work that went into these babies?  They may protect against some heat, but I doubt they are as heat proof as the new oven mittens.  I would imagine they were more a decorator item for the kitchen  Never the less, they are loaded with vintage charm and the colors are still as vibrant as can be.
Totally charming if you ask me!!

1 comment:

PattieJ said...

Wow! you lucked out! They're beautiful! I will have to try the Biz soak for the few that I have, never displayed them b/c they looked kinda dingy.