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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vintage Graphics

I feel like this week is a winding down week.  I am off of work and have family visiting.  I am not sure which new projects to start in the coming year, but I assure you I will hit the ground running on January 1.  That is usually how I work.  I purchased a new computer on Tuesday so I can hold more images and use my  computer to do more creative things.  For these endeavors, I rely heavily on my tech support team to make technology decisions aka my two daughters.  It amazes me how tech savvy they are, while we older types struggle to learn new skills.

Since I am still in this limbo state, I went through my graphics collection and found three new images you creative blogger types might be able to do some creating with.  I love this first one.  It is so simple yet complex at the same time.  I love the gray and white coloration.  I might try to create a Valentine's card with this one.
 The next two are very colorful for sure.  I happen to love the soft time worn vintage pinks and aquas.  There is something very romantic about them.
 Hope you can think of something creative to do with these.  Thanks for visiting today.

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