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Monday, December 26, 2011

Recovering from the Holidays

I think the holidays have gotten the better of me.  We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, enjoyed a huge holiday meal and opened our gifts.  Christmas Day the guys golfed in the early morning and came home and dove into all the yummy left overs.  I am still feeling exhausted today from all the extra activities of December.  It is always one of the more enjoyable months of the year but leaves me drained by the final week.  It is also a good week to reflect on the year's events, goals and achievements and a time to make decisions for the upcoming year.  I am still wondering what the new year will bring and deciding what direction I would like to take.  I plan to grow my blog, learn more about photography, and set new personal goals to help me grow as a person.

I loved the simple arrangement my friend did for her holiday party last week, so I tried to duplicate it for our Christmas Eve dinner.  We have a long table so I did three clear bowls with cranberries and used one white Peony in the center of each one, surrounded them with pomegranate halves that I baked for a half hour to dry them and spread a few evergreen sprigs and put them on a long mirror down the center of the table.  They were the perfect height to converse over.  Peonies happen to be one of my favorite flowers and these were exceptionally beautiful.

My daughter found these cute booty socks at Target and we all had to take pictures of them.  I love Target.  They have great buyers and the merchandize is wonderful.
No slipping and sliding in these babies.  They were even skid proof. 
Last week I reached 32 followers.  Woo Hoo!!  That was very exciting for me.  I hope you are all recouping from the festivities.  My family is off to the Reagan Library for the afternoon so I had better get going.  Have a wonderful day.

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