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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Books For My Library

I love decorating books with a passion!  I would almost say I am addicted to them.  Although some of them are a bit pricy, a book is solid photography and great content while some of the magazines today are $10 to $12 and to me they are loaded with too many advertisements.  Here are some of the books Santa brought me for Christmas.  This one by Fifi O'Neill, Romantic Prairie Style, is incredible.  The other book is great as well.  Pale & Interesting is the title and it is written by Atlanta Bartlett (love that name) and Dave Coote.  Both ar recent books.
 I also received Photoshop Elements for Dummies and some other informational books on selling one's wares and growing one's craft business.  I do really want to learn better photography skills this year and I want to learn how to do awesome things with Photoshop.  Baby steps, baby steps.  I want to learn it all at once so I need to pace myself and set small goals so I don't get overwhelmed.

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