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Friday, November 25, 2011

Historic Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, California

We are traveling up north to visit our daughter for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We are staying overnight in Berkeley, California at the historic Claremont Hotel.  I love historic hotels.  You can feel the history, and wonder who walked the same floors as yourself a hundred years ago.  This beautiful hotel is a landmark to the area and it is no wonder.  In the lobby of the hotel stands this approximate 5 feet tall gingerbread village.
 It is breathtaking.  The facade of the house is Hershey's chocolate bars, ginger snaps, and frosted mini wheats.  The length of this project takes up almost the length of the lobby.  That is a full size Christmas tree to the left of the project.  That should give you an idea how large it is.
 This gingerbread village is a replica of the Claremont Hotel itself. 
It is such a sweet sight.  It's a constant backdrop of many family photos.
 We snuck a peak at the buffet they were serving for Thanksgiving, and it was another beautiful sight.   Although we did not eat our dinner here, I wanted to check it out.  I knew it would be something special.  Below is a mini palm tree they have used to serve fruit skewers at the fruit bar.
 The next photo was of the seafood buffet.  This is a turkey made from fruit kabobs.  Everything here is on a grand scale.  My daughter did some very artsy photography today of the hotel.  I am going to try to get a few of her photos to share with you.  Tomorrow we are off to Napa.  I will be sharing more of the California scenery.

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