Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Sew Ottoman Makeover

I purchased this little ottoman last weekend at a neighborhood sale.  It was black faux leather and had a tear in the bottom and the corners had been scratched by a cat.  Nonetheless, I saw some potential there and customers come into the shop all the time looking for ottomans and small stools so I figured I would attempt to give it a makeover.  First I picked up some drop cloth from Lowe's and washed it.  I didn't want to do a large investment in fabric and I wanted to keep things neutral.  I made a loose slipcover and really did not care for it.  I felt like the little ottoman was wearing a hand-me-down slipcover.  So I cut the slipcover up and started over.
 Original ottoman below with tear in lower left corner.
 Cut a new square for the top, took upholstery tacks and tacked it tightly.  I had to find the cross pieces of wood in the construction to nail to.  The top was all foam.
 I tacked the fabric all the way around and then tacked the corners.
 Now I took the skirt that I had used on the original slip cover.  I had cut the drop cloth so the hemmed part would be on the bottom so I would not have to hem anything.  I took the top cut edge and folded it down so it would be concealed and started putting in the little tacks with a hammer.  I started tacking in the center of the side.  You will see why later.
 I tacked the little nails all the way around.  My husband helped me.  We found that if he held the upholstery nails in place with the needle nose pliers and then I hammered, the nails went in nice and straight and did not bend.
 Now see how this has kind of a little kick pleat on the one side.  This was the end of the drop cloth that came already stitched.  So not only my hem was done for me but so was the final tacked corner.  I hope that makes sense.  No sewing at all, inexpensive and it took no more than an hour to complete.  If I wanted to, I could stencil something on the top and I might do that.  If I decide to do that, I will be sure to share with you.  Right now it is plain and totally neutral.

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Meg said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you so much for this post. We happened to have the same little ottoman at home - and just used your instructions to re-cover it in a cute turquoise fabric. It looks great and was so easy! Thanks again!