Thursday, December 1, 2011

White on White Felt Poinsettia Table Topper

My inspiration for this project came from a magazine article that was featured in the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Issue and the idea came from Centsational Girl.  Her project was Christmas stockings, but I changed it up a little bit and did a table topper.  I think this would be a fabulous tree skirt if you did it in the round and placed the poinsettias around the edges.  I might even cut a groove in this and set it under my tree.  Simple to do and very little cost.
 I had a hard time coming up with a petal pattern so I literally cut off 5 petals from an artificial poinsettia plant I bought at Joann's Crafts yesterday.  Just as an aside, I wait until the artificial plants are $4 to $5 each and then I buy about four or five of them.  We have a French wire plant rack on the front porch that gets very little sun.  At Christmas time I like to put the fake red poinsettias in between my real ivy pots.  Just the hint of red comes through.  I intersperse the tiny white light strands in between the foliage and it looks fabulous from the street.  It's all about the curb appeal (at least that's what Home and Garden Channel says, and I happen to agree.)  I have enough light for the ivy there but not the live poinsettias.  When the season is over, I just toss them.  They are the same price I used to pay for the real deal and by the end of the month they are not looking too good because they do not get enough light.  Okay, back to the project at hand.
 I cut 5 large petals, 4 of the next size, and 3 each of the 2 smaller petals.  I graduated the sizes down as I went.  I purchased one yard of the 72 inch cream colored felt by the yard.  One half was for the table topper and the other half I used for the petals.  I used pinking shears on the edge of the table topper piece to give a little contrast.  My decorative scissors would have been fabulous but they were not sharp enough to cut the felt.  As you can see, I overlapped the petals a bit.
 Next I took the next smaller petal and glued them on top of the large petal base.  I used Tacky Glue to glue them in place.  How easy can you get?  No sew.  This photo shows the trim I purchased to do the flower center to give it dimension.
 Next I placed the next smaller size petals overlapping all the way, building layer on layer.
Finally I used the smallest petals and overlapped some more.
The trim I used was sort of a nylon with gathering.  I cut a three-inch piece, put Tacky Glue on the back and twirled it in a circle.  It was very soft trim so easily pliable.  The following photo is the finished product.  Excuse the ridge in the picture.  I placed it over a piece of burlap and couldn't get the crease out.  I left the center blank so I could put a centerpiece in the middle.  This is a low cost project ( about $8) and extremely easy.  Pottery Barn has some tan pillows with a similar concept.

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