Monday, November 28, 2011

I Love Junk

While travelling down the highway to get to our various destinations on Friday, I spotted a fabulous shop.  At first glance I thought it was a trendy antique shop, but the kids said it was just a place that sells fancy olive oil.  By the time we came back down the hill it was dark and the shop was closed.  Not to be dissuaded, I insisted we venture back on Saturday.  Oh, it was so worth it!  The name of the shop is St. Helena Olive OIl Co.  It is located at 8576 St. Helena Highway in Rutherford, California.  They do carry awesome olive oils and culinary delights, but I fell in love with their junk.  We did manage to purchase a few items that were the focus of their business and they said I could take as many photos as I wanted.
 As soon as we walked in we were greeted by this wonderful dog.  I guess you could call him The Greeter.  He's all metal, steel and just pure gorgeous.
The shop was full of old crates filled with more artful delights.  This crate was loaded with dried rosemary, lavender, hydrangeas and other wonderful smells.
Here is The Greeter's friend.  He's manning the rear of the shop.
In the back was an old black stove holding a wonderful weathered black suitcase.  I love the colors of the rusty spring and the wooden tray and the original plaid lining to the luggage piece.  It all really complements the colors of the stove.
 This coffee table was incredible.  Anything on old metal wheels gets my attention in a hurry.  I think this was originally part of an old door placed on a metal cart.
 The furniture and displays were fabulous.  Isn't the blue on this incredible?
 Here is another old crate with a wonderful French label.
 This was a drawer front with some old etching in the wood.  To die for.  We peaked around the back and found this vintage GMC truck fully restored.  This was the second old pickup we found.  The restoration on this was magnificent.  Just like new with all the vintage charm.

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