Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I live in the Los Angeles area.  There is a major flea market every weekend and even some smaller ones in various locations if you don't feel like driving very far.  It's best to get there early.  As you can see from the first photo, I was there before sun up and found a whole pile of treasures from one dealer. 
 I love old luggage and this set is pristine.  They are Samsonite.  I found the two large pieces from one dealer, and then upon scouting out more treasures, I found the smaller one that was an exact match.  These had the person's initials on them.  In addition, I found at least a dozen old drink crates including several from soft drink brands that are very hard to find.  There were even a couple from Bethlehem Steel.
I put them all over my space and up high on shelves.  Old crates are so useful.  You can attach them to walls for magazines, use them for kid's toys or even store your pet's belongings in them.  The possibilities are endless.

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