Friday, May 4, 2012

Old and Perfect

This purchase for my space at Aubergine Emporium was a bittersweet experience.  I went to one of those community sales a couple of weeks ago and found this cabinet.  First of all, I absolutely love it.  The patina is magnificent and you can tell this was a well loved piece by the wear it is showing.

 It is very old and the crazing of the paint is perfect in every way.  I didn't have a lot of smalls to put in it when I placed it in my space so it is a little sparse.  It is fuller now, but the pics were already taken.  That's the sweet side of the story.
 What's the bitter part?  I bought it from a self-confessed hoarder.  The woman cried when it was being loaded into my truck.  I tried to assure her it was going to a loving home (I know it will) and that she will feel better when she has more room in her home.  I am not talking about the kind of person who saves used Kleenex.  I am talking about a woman who truly loves her treasured pieces.  But she told me she could not walk down her hallway without walking sideways.  My heart broke for her, but her children were trying to explain to her this was for the best.  I do love this piece even though it would not fit with my home, and I will love it and cherish it as long as it's in my possession and I will think of the very sweet lady I purchased it from in a very thoughtful way.
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Bliss said...

That is a great piece. I hope I don't ever have to walk sideways though in my house. My kids would stage an intervention.


kathee said... are right bitter and sweet...I know it will go to a good home! Beautiful piece! xok

NanaDiana said...

Bitter and sweet is right! It is a great old piece and I hope it lands in the perfect home~ xo Diana

Maureen said...


aarond said...

I love the cabinet and I feel sorry for the lady. I have a very close family member who is a hoarder and it is a sad situation for everyone involved.

nelda said...

I have bought things from ladies who cried too. One lady told me it was like a death everytime one of her pieces left. Thankfully, family members usually help these people cope when the time to downsize arrives.

Anne said...

That piece is amazing.Love all that chippy paint.I would hate to sell it too.But I am sure it went to a great home.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Just think about how much you are HELPING her.....It would fit perfectly in my house. If no one buys it I will love it for her.

Miss Kitty said...

The cabinet is just divine in all its chippiness. I am trying to get rid of stuff that I don't have room for anymore 'cause I am a sort of hoarder myself. I don't want my children to have to deal with it (or throw all of it in a dumpster) when I am gone.