Friday, November 16, 2012

Mold Making Progress

Yesterday I shared with you that I made a mold out of an antique metal applique.  Today I tried to make two castings that are drying at this very moment.  I'm not sure they are going to work though.  I used paper clay, and I'm not sure that will be any better than plaster of Paris.  The appliques I have been using are durable enough to hold up outdoors.  The mold is good, but maybe I will try some Sculpey to create another casting.

 If any of you have some ideas, please let me know.  I will not give up on this process and will keep you posted.  The paper clay takes one to three days to cure.
The top of my casting has some nice detail, but I think the applique I was trying to duplicate is warped and the bottom did not turn out well at all.


NanaDiana said...

How disappointing to not have it turn out as well as you had hoped. I have had good luck with molding Fimo clay...but it is not cheap and I don't know that you would save anything making your own castings as opposed to buying them pre-made. xo Diana

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Hey MIss Maggie, I did a post here on making appliques, it works pretty well, hope it helps. I too got sick of paying for them, I love the piece you used to mold.


Unknown said...

Hi Maggie! I also started making my own furniture appliques. I use Amazing Molding Putty to make my mold and then I pour Easy Cast Resin with colorant added into the mold. The putty is kind of expensive, so I only buy it when I have a coupon, but it works beautifully. Best of luck! ~Diane

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! Much better than paying for them! I hope you are able to find the right medium. Cant wait to see more. You are so creative and I love your blog!

Denna said...

Yes, I'm sure you're disappointed. I haven't actually done this type of thing yet but I do have the supplies. I just haven't found the time yet.

I remember when I was in Hobby Lobby that they have a lighter weight polymer oven bake clay but I did not check out the price. That may be an option. Plus they put out a 40% off coupon just about every week so that would help!

Keep us posted on your progress!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I can't wait for you to get this figured out - so I can make some myself!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

I have used the paper clay and been happy with it but I'll be anxious to hear what you find out! I use it to repair broken bits on frames or cabinets but have never molded an entire piece.....hurry up and finish!!! I can't stand it!!!