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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Patriotic Award Ribbons

My inspiration for these prize ribbons came from searching around on Pinterest.  I couldn't find the tutorial so I made my own.  My ribbons are patriotic as you can see.  I made a dozen so that I could spruce up my space at the shop for the holidays.
 I made these out of cupcake and candy holders, the decorative kind.  I used a one-inch width ribbon in a check or stripe, a transparent ribbon in red or white that was also one-inch wide.  Then I used a half-inch ribbon of my choice (whatever I had on hand) and I chose another ribbon that was quarter-inch wide.  For the middle of my circle I used a silk corn flower with a yellow center.  I thought daisies would look cute too.  Or you could make your own centers as well.

 Start with the cupcake holders.  I made a slit into each one of the holders so they would open up wider and then I staggered the slits so they would not be noticeable.  Start with one regular cupcake holder.  Make your slit and keep it in the direction it would usually go.  Then take two more regular sized cupcake holders, make your slits, and reverse them so when you look into the flower you see the printed side.  I used one more regular sized holder and trimmed it a little to make another layer.  Reverse the direction of this cupcake holder and glue in into the flower at this point.  Remember to stagger your slits.  Now take three of the candy holders and do exactly the same thing, one going in the regular direction and two reversed.  Remember you are looking into the pattern and you want to see the printed side, not the side that you would normally put your batter into.  Now you have a pretty full backdrop.  At this point I took the corn flower off of the stem, snipped the back of it so I could glue it flat into the center.  BTW, each layer is being glued with a glue gun. 
 You can see the progression of the layers.  Because I staggered the slits, you can hardly see them.
Now I placed the flower as a center.
At this point I took clear Valspar finishing spray and sprayed the whole cupcake configuration, flower and all.  Then I took fine iridescent white glitter and sprinkled it onto the sprayed flower.  Just made it a little bit sparkly. 

 I should have started out by telling you to cut card stock into circles to use as your backs.  I traced a custard cup onto the paper, cut my circles and then trimmed them down to fit the back of my cupcake holders.  They can be a little bit larger but not too large.  I found that I liked it with the twelve-inch strips of ribbon rather than the six.  I made three of these little award ribbons with shorter lengths of ribbon and I just didn't like them.  Cut two 12-inch pieces of your bold 1-inch width ribbon.  Glue them onto the circle.  Cut two 12-inch strips of your sheer ribbon and glue on top of your first layer of ribbon.  Do the same with your half-inch and quarter-inch width ribbon.  Once that is glued, take a paper clip and glue it down so you have something to tie a piece of ribbon to so you can hang this when it is finished.  Now glue your cupcake holders on to your circle card stock and you are done except for attaching a skinny piece of ribbon through the paper clip so you will be able to hang up your finished product.  These directions may be a little confusing so use the pictures as a guide.  Thanks for stopping by.
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NanaDiana said...

Great job, Maggie- I think they are just darling. If you can't find them anywhere-develop your own...which is just what you did. Love it and I hope you are having a great Memorial Day weekend- xo Diana

kathee said...

OMG you are killing me...I don't think I know anyone with as much talent as you girl....you are amazing...I bet your space looks so great!!!! xok

srpprcrftr said...

I am absolutely loving those ribbon awards. They are so cute and don't look to be too complicated. Maybe a bit pricey for all the cupcake holders and ribbon but Wow. I have to try to make some of these to sell to boutiques downtown G.J.
Great tutorial gal. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Maybe try to have some fun, not just working on creations?