Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter Peat Cups

For this week's Graphics Fairy project, I chose three Easter images.  I printed them in wallet pic size and applied them to little peat cups  I picked up at Lowe's.  I attached the images with Tacky Glue.  I did some with wire handles and some with no handles.  I used 18 gauge wire and poked a small hole in the sides of the cups with a corn cob skewer.  It made a tiny hole that I threaded the wire through. 
 I took apart a silk flower that had small petaled flowers and just pulled of a little sprig and wound it around the basket handle.  I had some tiny little paper flowers that were on a wire that I picked up at a garage sale a while back and wound that around the wire as well.  You can improvise with any tiny flower sprig.

I used a glue gun to attach some tissue paper garland around the tops of each peat pot.  There are several sellers on Etsy that carry this.  I did this to all of them, even the ones with no handle.

 I got some paper Easter grass and stuffed the cups and then used little fuzzy Peeps I got at the 99 Cent store and some pastel glittered eggs I picked up at the craft store.  Easter stuff is already 40 percent off.
 The above picture is a tall lantern for candles.  I put my cupcake stand inside of it for a taller display.  I covered the bottom of the lantern with some moss to give it a natural look and also to give those little Peeps a soft place to nest.
I also arranged it on a two-tiered stand for a little different look.  I like both ways.  These were so much fun.  I might use them for place card cups at Easter and put some jelly beans in them for a treat.  Thanks for dropping by.  The Peeps and I loved having you.
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Anne said...

How cute.I have to try something from the graphic fairy.We are having some issues with our printer...bad ink.As soon as that is gone I will give it a try.Whom ever is going to receive those baskets they are very lucky.

Becky Green said...

The little Easter Peat Cups are SOOO SWEET!!!!!! VERY VINTAGE!! LOVE THEM!!! Those little chicks take me back to my childhood.... Thanks for showing us!!!!! :)