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Monday, February 27, 2012

Old Books

Not sure I am loving these, and I will try to perfect the process, but thought I would share them anyway.  I love old books with beautiful graphics on the cover.  I have sold at least a hundred of them in the last 10 years.  I love them setting out on a beautiful piece of furniture or just laying on a chair with a pretty throw.  I used three different images from the Graphics Fairy and affixed them to old Reader's Digest books that I had repainted the covers of.  I used a decoupage method and I think next time, I will affix the image with just the spray on tacky type glue and see if that works better.  The images got a little too dark and they are also too shiny.  I share them here just to throw out an idea and I love the Graphics Fairy.  Who doesn't?  I will continue to perfect this concept and then I will share what I discover.  Thanks for visiting.

One other thing I forgot to mention here, the email I use for my blog was possibly compromised.  I have changed my password and hopefully that will fix the problem.  AOL deactivated the email yesterday in an abundance of caution.  I do hope no one that was in my contact list was inconvenienced by this in any way.
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Barbara Jean said...

I think they are lovely and a great idea. I have some books that have just plain boring covers. This would be perfect for them.
Think I will just try glue stick, then spray with matte finish and see how I like it.

barbara jean

Unknown said...

Hi Maggie

They do look lovely though...I would go with Barbara Jean's suggestion to see how you like it though..

Sandra Tyler said...

Love old books! Then again, Im a writer. I confess to owning a kindle but still worship the feel of a bound book. They're all finally ,beautiful. Following you from the hop.

County Line Road said...

Great idea. I think I'll have to try this out.