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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vintage Ice Skates Get a Decorative Look

Okay, these may not be vintage, but they are definitely pre-owned and perfect for Christmas decorating.  I run a ribbon or string to join these and sling them over a vintage sled that I keep on the front porch at Christmas time.  Even though it has only snowed twice in our 30 years of living in Northridge, California, it definitely feels like winter when you approach the front steps of our home.
 I picked up some used skates at a neighborhood sale, cleaned and polished them, took out the laces and replaced them with holiday ribbon.  I used a water slide transfer decal with Santa's face that I purchased from Ebay and placed a little Tacky Glue behind it when it was wet to ensure it would adhere to the leather.  I let that dry and went over Santa with a thin layer of Tacky Glue and sprinkled his face with white iridescent glitter.  Then I went to the craft store and purchased some faux white fur trim a little wider than what I needed.  I folded the trim and hot glued it into the top of the skate and folded it over like a cuff.  To add a little more pizazz I got a couple of holiday picks of pine cones and berries and stuck it into the top of the skate.  I also set these on the front porch just like I came in from the ice.  I like to pretend we have seasons here. 

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