Thursday, October 27, 2011

Starting a Blog Can Be.....

STRESSFUL!!!!  I am on day four of blogging life.  Before I started on this journey, I read two books on blogging and how to set up a blog.  After getting what I thought were all the facts, I decided I did not have the technical skills to set up a "great looking" blog so I had a professional help me out.  I do love the design of the blog and Catherine at The Avalon Rose did a beautiful job for me.  In my naivete, I thought all I had to do was post pictures and blog.  The first night went fine.  Got the job done fast.  I was so very proud of myself.  I tried to do a blog the following evening.  That night I had trouble uploading my photos.  Took me an hour to do one little blog.  Last night my daughter suggested I start making a list of the blogs I follow.  Should be easy; right?  It was, but for me to figure it out took me two hours. are getting the message.  I am technologically challenged.  That would be an understatement.  Everything is easy when you know how to do it.  Now I have crossed that hurdle and maybe I can just work on what I have learned in the last couple of days before I move on to the next easy task.  There definitely is a learning curve to learning new computer skills.

I don't have any photos of myself ready to smash my computer so I will just add a photo of one of my walls at Aubergine Emporium.  This is one of my cupcake signs.  I put it on two hangers and hung it on the wall and then mounted two decorative brackets on the wall to rest the sign on to make it an awning.  I had the windows and the shutters so I just made a vignette out of it.  I am happy to say the sign sold pretty quickly.

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