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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Buffet and a Bunch of Bananas

Happy Halloween from our family to yours.   Stephanie baked all day and concocted this fabulous assortment of goodies.

I love the fabulous Halloween colors.  She did a great job.

Uncle Jesse isn't sure this costume is going to attract any birds onto her balcony
  Our pets are the best of sports.  My oldest daughter's name is Shanna and we have always called her Shanna Banana so when she found these banana costumes for her kitties, aka the girls, she couldn't resist getting them into the act.  Than, of course, she had to get the matching costume for our little Cindy. 
 Here is Lulu Mae looking for the rest of the bunch.  How did she get in there?  She is the most curious of kittens I have ever seen.
Cindy just isn't sure she wants any part of this.  I'm sure she's thinking what did those darn cats get me into now?

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