Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Santuary

I have done a few posts on my garden already about how I have accumulated treasures over the years to really make my garden a sanctuary, and I do mean sanctuary.  I love to be outside wandering about and eating breakfast on the patio.  It's one of my favorite places to be in the morning except in the winter.

When my daughter decided to have her wedding in our back yard a couple of years ago, I took that opportunity to convert a lot of my rose bushes to an all white palette.  Pretty much the only color I have in our yard is the blue agapanthus plants that bloom right around 4th of July.  Perfect timing.   We live in Southern California and our soil is not the best.  It is clay soil with very poor drainage so I am constantly trying to amend the soil to get more earthworms to do the aerating for me.

The above photo was taken last weekend.  This look is a little too jungle-like for me, but this is what it turns into during the peak growing season.  You can see how lush and green everything is and this is a pretty drought tolerant yard too, especially since I added the succulents where my very thirsty annuals used to need hand watering every day.  I do have one little rose bush that died almost overnight and I will have to investigate why that happened.  I have never experienced that before.  Maybe its root system had a problem.
 I mulch every spring with Gardner & Bloom soil amendment.  I apply it like a mulch on the top of my soil.  It has bat guano and chicken manure and all kinds of good things in it to feed my soil.  About 14 bags does my whole front and back upper yard.
 I really need to get the hedges on the hill trimmed back.  They were evenly trimmed about a month ago and look how much they have grown.
 I've had this rose bush for about 20 years.  Just a hint of pink against the white.  I don't even know what it's called.
 Here is the long view of our patio.  I usually do my tablescapes right in front of those hanging windows.
 I love rustic lanterns hanging on Sheppard's hooks.  I have them everywhere.
 It may be time to thin out my treasures (or at least relocate them).  It's hard to resist when I find them at yard sales.  I quickly become attached.
The other thing I do to feed the yard is organic rose food.  I'm not particular about the brand.  I just scatter handfuls around the roots of my rose bushes in the spring.  If I am not getting very many blooms, I will mix fish emulsion, one tablespoon to one gallon of water, and water that into my soil.  But the last couple of years I have not needed to do that.
 My garden is a place for me to rejuvenate when I am tired or feeling stressed.  You might say it's good for the blood pressure too.  So if you don't have a garden to regenerate your soul, visit a public garden in your area.  I bet you will feel totally refreshed.
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Anne said...

I am refreshed just reading this post.Your garden is beautiful! I can't photograph mine at all.Everything here is brown.No green grass.Watering restrictions now so I am only watering things to keep them alive.So happy to look at beautiful gardens.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Beautiful, Maggie! I love the agapanthus! I'll have to see if that is something I can grow here in Ohio. I have a few spots around the condo where it would work well. Love the white flowers. I tried to put some whites in around our patio area at our old house. When we would sit outside at night around the outdoor fireplace, it really was pretty to be able to see the whites stand out.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Your gardens are stunning. I love the pretty blue and white pallet. So beautiful. Hugs, Marty

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Maggie,

Your flowers are gorgeous!!! I love the waterfall into your beautiful pool.


Debra said...

what an absolutely wonderful garden

Envy you :)

Lynda Bergman Decorative Artisan said...

Very, very beautiful!!
I always think of agapanthus as my birthday flower because it starts blooming just before my birthday. It only blooms once a year, here. I bet it blooms all the time in California. Thank you for the beautiful photos!!

Laura from Top This Top That said...

Maggie- gorgeous!!! Everything is just beautiful. With the heat here in N.East Georgia alot has dried up and looks spent regardless of how much water. Thanks for something pretty to look at!

NanaDiana said...

My gosh, Maggie- That is just beautiful. Want to come and figure my gardens out for me? I am slowly pegging away at them. Blessings to you- now get out there and enjoy that yard! xo Diana

Pat said...

What a heaven! Such beautiful landscaping. Love all the stone and pavers. Those clumps of blue flowers are stunning.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Maggie your yard is exquisite. I'm ready for a visit there anytime! I guess I will just have to use my imagination.

Marie Arden said...

Love an all white garden so clean and cool looking. I can see why your daughter chose to have her wedding i the garden!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your gardens are fabulous! My yard is much simpler with smaller gardens, but it is my sanctuary, too. I can lose track of time just puttering around. I think it is the perfect way to spend a quiet evening.

La Nonna said...

Quel jardin magnifique, les fleurs y sont magistralement agencées. Bravo

Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

What a lovely yard! I imagine the wedding was beautiful there. The rose with the touch of pink is exquisite.

Patty (Patty's Pretty Things) said...

What a lovely yard! I imagine the wedding was beautiful there. The rose with the touch of pink is exquisite.

Bliss said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. Just beautiful.


Sparkle and Co said...

Wow!!! I live in an apartment so you can't imagine how much I find this beautiful!!! Have a nice day ;)

Larry said...

What an absolutely beautiful garden and that rose is spectacular! Larry

BailiwickStudio said...

Your garden is very lovely! It is indeed a sanctuary. ::Jill

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Oh my...beautiful!!! I'm speechless :) Glad to be following along...and partying with you! Thanks, Laurel

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Wow, Maggie! This is such a beautiful garden. I am losing some of our plants due to the heat and water ban. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous yard at the Open House Party.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful garden Maggie! I love those succulents trailing out of the violets (or are they lavenders?) Simply beautiful.