Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picnic Ant Blocks

Before I start this post, a brief public service announcement.  On Friday I perceived a slight problem with my blog.  I went to the help icon, posted my question and inserted my email address.  This is an email address I have had for 15 years and I use it for my business.  This morning I checked my email and I had received approximately 2,000 emails over the weekend.  Seriously annoying.  I have deleted them all and have blocked anything from coming in with the word "blogger" or from "blogger."  This may or may not cause a problem.  In the meantime, the email I use to respond to comments and for link parties is now having a problem and I cannot respond to any emails I receive.  Long story short, I now have a new email address at littlemissmaggie@yahoo.com.  So please beware of giving the "help" people your email.  It is not private!  Now on with the post.

This started out to be another Graphics Fairy post and I did use her image for this, but then I decided to do a post on what I was actually packaging.  I found these adorable blocks at a neighborhood sale on Saturday.  I brought them home and showed my daughter.  Because she works with handicapped children, I thought she would enjoy seeing these.  She insists they are a puzzle and I do believe she is correct.  
 If you are really crafty, I think these blocks could easily be duplicated with some permanent marker.  Lay out your wood (even dominoes would work) and make your ant parade.  These are pretty easy to draw and then turn your blocks and make some more parades and then again and again.  These would be great at a picnic and the kids could play games with them and see how long they could get the trail to last.
 As always, I appreciate your visits.  Please stop by again soon.
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miss flibbertigibbet said...

Oh dear...sorry about that email thing! I agree...those little blocks would be so cute to copy!

NanaDiana said...

Oh-What a cute idea! Good to know about the HELP. I backed out one time when it asked for my email because I just wasn't sure. Now, I am glad I did! Sorry you had so many problems with it! UGH xo Diana

Bliss said...

Of course I had to look at the label since you almost posted about that. And they are cute.


Its So Very Cheri said...

cute!!! That could keep the kids busy for hours.

Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

Mahina and Lucas said...

Those are so cute! Stopping by from the "Linky Follower Party" hop! You can find me at www.lucasandmahina.com!