Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Garland from Pages of a Book and Other Fabulous Finds

Yesterday I went and visited a friend at her shop Hoot n' Anny in Westlake Village.  She actually made these garlands out of book pages and hung them from a branch way up high.  They are amazing.
 She draped another one over a sofa.  You can clearly see the amount of work that goes into each garland, but the result is awesome.

 Here is another great idea.  Framed initials.  I love the galvanized letter over the burlap. 
Jennifer has a knack for finding unique items and has a real keen eye for decorating.  I love all the silver grouped with the armor piece.  Absolutely beautiful.
You have to look way up high.  There are treasures everywhere.  Aren't these adorable laundry containers?  Her assistant, Leah, created these.

 I've had my eye on this little guy for a long time.  Oh well, too late.  He's spoken for.  He is covered with some sort of seed pods.  Never seen anything like him before, and his antlers are made from branches.  So much creativity.  If you are in the area, stop by and see her.  You won't be disappointed.   Everywhere you look, it's a delight. 

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Thanks for giving us this fun tour.