Friday, November 11, 2011

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Before I start this post, I will tell you we worked on this vintage day bed a few months back before I ever thought of starting a blog so the photos are pretty rough and were done just for my records.  I purchased this vintage day bed at an auction and it was in pretty bad shape.  I had just taken an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint workshop and I wanted to try out the paint.  My husband painted the bed with Provence Blue ASCP.  Well, we had a slight problem  The colors bled through from the mahogany.  The workshop instructor assured us that the paint would cover anything and would adhere to just about any surface.

 So when we had the bleeding problem, I immediately contacted the stocklister that sold me the paint via email.  This was in the evening at about 9:00 at night.  Within minutes, I was contacted by the stocklister, and within about two more minutes, I was contacted by the Southern California person who oversees the stocklisters and she informed me she had already talked to the corporate people in England.  How is that for service?  The following day, I was contacted by someone from England at the company's headquarters.  The explanation was (wouldn't you know it) they had had a problem with a particular batch of paint and it had been the Provence Blue.  Something about the binding agents in the batch.  As soon as a new batch was ready, they were sending out new product and my can of paint would be replaced as soon as possible. 
 Here is the bed with the foot board already getting one coat of paint and the headboard still waiting for its first coat of paint.
After receiving the second quart, the replacement, we finished the bed and it came out beautifully.  I have since sold the bed.  I will not go into the painting techniques on this post, but just wanted to let everyone know what a great company Annie Sloan is.  They stand behind their product, and I think it is a dream to paint with.  Next week I hope to have a finished dresser that I can post a tutorial on.
The paint colors and the finish give such a vintage feel to anything I have ever painted with it.  My favorite color is the old white.  It is the perfect vintage white, not too yellow, not too gray and certainly not glaring new white like so much of the whites are these days.  My only reservation about it is the cost.  So I use it on pieces that are truly vintage and worth receiving a totally new look.  I wish it was more reasonably priced, but whenever I buy regular paint in the cans these days, the prices give me sticker shock.  Of course, I try to purchase better quality paint so that my pieces will have lasting quality.  I always hope they will get another 50 years of service as the older furniture is made so much better with better quality materials.  I think they deserve the proper makeover.

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SabrinaKeim said...

Thanks for posting! I have been dabbling in painting antique furniture and finally purchased my first Annie Sloan paint, Old White. I bought an old mirror at the Allentown Preservation League and two old window panes I plan on creating into a stained glass look. I'm pregnant so I wanted something that was somewhat safe to use. I think my next purchase will be the Provence after looking at your pics! Thanks!