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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bed Cornice

One of my most recent posts was Spoonful of Sugar and I told you I had another project in mind for the rest of the table my board came from.  Well, here it is.  This table was 36 inches wide so this would fit a single size bed.  Great for a little girl's room.
When I picked up the table from the auction (I had no time for the preview so bought it without seeing it) it had two broken legs, a busted cracked top and was generally trash.  Since I am a junker at heart, I immediately saw two projects and neither one of them was a table.  I had my husband remove the legs in the back.  The front legs he left some of the detail of the leg up near the top.  I had two old finials that had been painted white that were scrapped from another project a few years back.  I actually keep a finial box so I can grab an odd one or two of them every now and then.  He doweled my two smaller finials into what was left of the detailed portion of the original legs.  I added a furniture applique to make it look feminine as I always think of these things draped with beautiful fabrics and they always add a feminine touch to any bedroom.
I had Steve paint the whole thing white and then we went back in with my light gray paint to two-tone it.   Since I am selling this, I didn't want to put a lot of money into fabric and Velcro because I think whoever purchases it will want to do their own thing with it so I had a scrap of white gauzy-like fabric that was just enough to fold in half and then I hand gathered it and took some upholstery tacks we took from another project and tacked it in.  Now the fabric is easily removable but at the same time it is in there for as long as anyone would like.  To mount it on the wall, use strong straight reinforcing brackets that will not give way and leave some of the screw holes exposed at the top to screw it into the wall.  Of course, toggle bolts are a must.  It can also be drilled right into the wall with toggle bolts and then the screws could be touched up with paint.

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Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...

Hi Maggie,

I love it!
You have very clever and smart projects! Now if only I had a daughter.